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The difference between cables and wires
Often hear people around to all types of wire and cable referred to as cable, power cable was also during harmonization, in fact, strictly speaking, this is not correct. Cables and wires in scale, layout, useful, there are many characteristics are different, so the two can not be compared. This difference is actually very simple, following Beijing Wire gave specific about his family.
1, the data differences
Wires for carrying electric current conductive metal wire. A solid or stranded ﹑ foil and other forms of weaving. Press insulation into bare wire and insulated wires into two categories. Cables insulated from each other by a one or a plurality of conductive lines that constitute the heart placed in a sealed sheath insulated conductors.
Maintaining outer cover layer can be added, wires and cables difference is usually small scale wire, the layout is more simple, but sometimes also the wires of the cable included in the list of generalized.
2, the usefulness of the differences
Bare wires or maintenance does not include any insulation layer wires. In addition to energy and information as the transmission wires, but also for the production of motor ﹑ electrical components and cables. Usually with copper, aluminum, copper alloy ﹑ aluminum. In addition, there are a variety of special needs for insulated wire, such as automotive vehicle with low voltage wire ﹑ ﹑ electrical appliances high-voltage lead wire in front of aviation wire ﹑ ﹑ cover wires. Cables for the transmission or distribution of electricity ﹑ electrical signals.
Cables can be divided according to their usefulness communication cables and power cables, lines, control cables.
3, the layout of the differences
Power cables and wires are usually different scales mainly cables larger than the messy layout. Cable is mainly composed of the following four parts group composition. Conductive wire heart: made of high conductivity data. Insulation: information should be used as a cable insulation having a high insulation resistance, high breakdown electric field strength.
Often the cable insulation data classification.
 addition to the above differences, the cable also has significant advantages. Compared with overhead lines, cable insulation strengths is the line spacing is small, small footprint, an area on the ground floor instead of laying more space from the surrounding environment pollution, power transmission, high reliability, safety and the environment for small disturb . Thus, cables and more used in teeth dense clouds and grid areas and traffic congestion at busy.
About modernization has not ignored the effect.
Then simply say: power cables usually refers outdoor overhead cables or outdoor overhead bare wire cables, wires and cables usually refers yes yes rubber cables or temporary power cables.

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