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  • Understanding of high-temperature wire and cable

    High temperature wire and cable products for the communications and below for additional voltage 0.6/1KV fixed laying transmission and distribution lines, power transmission or motor lead wire , high temperature, corrosion, acid and corrosive gases , water and other characteristics , electrical function stable temperat...

  • Wire and cable national standards

    First, the National Quality Supervision and Quarantine and the repairs are National Standardization Management Committee on April 16, 2007 release " Chinese National Standard agrees announcement " 2007 No. 2 , a total of 50 agreed to publish national standards , during which national wire and cable standard 3 , whi...

  • Wire and cable transmission industry

    Wires and cables occupation in the country is the second largest after the automobile industry career , spent all these years on the gross domestic copper copper spend 60% -86 % of the total , wire and cable career changes directly affect the conduct of the needs of the domestic refined copper , and at the end...

  • The difference between cables and wires

    Often hear people around to all types of wire and cable referred to as cable, power cable was also during harmonization, in fact, strictly speaking, this is not correct. Cables and wires in scale, layout, useful, there are many characteristics are different, so the two can not be compared. This difference is actually very simple, following Beijing Wire gave...

  • Wire and cable ampacity analysis

    Cable ampacity mouth decision: Estimation formulas: Two five multiplied by nine the next, minus a cis numbers go up. Thirty three five five times, both in groups minus point five. Plus there is a change premise translated into high-temperature copper grade% off. Wear tube root number two three four, eighty-seven tickets full stream. Description: (1...

  • Website success, with a new face to our customers!

    The company launched its new website , has a new face to our customers. Products increase the classification, there are more detailed specifications of introduction. Our customers have any suggestions, please leave us a message through the contact us , please leave your contact information, we will promptly contact you si...

  • SGS Test Report

  • Wire and Cable Quiz

    A single core cable sheath end of the ground in the way Why must install a parallel cable laid along the return wire? A: The grounded at one end of the metal sheath cable lines, in order to ensure that the induced sheath voltage does not exceed agreed standards, must be installed along a line parallel to the laying of the cable conductor, and the conductor is ...

  • How to buy high-quality wire and cable

    According to industry sources , wire huge reason why the price difference is due to the raw materials used in the production process caused by different . The main raw material is produced in copper wire , insulation and sheathing . Currently on the market of raw materials at 70,000 yuan per ton more than ...

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