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Happy Middle-Autumn Day

Happy Middle-Autumn Day to all the customers and Dingzun members.

The Legend about the Middle-Autumn Day - The Goddess Chang's fly to the moon

According to legend, in ancient times simultaneously on the 10th heaven , tan crops withered , times of hardship , a hero named Hou Yi , mighty, he sympathized with the suffering of the people, boarded the Kunlun Peak, transports enough god, god pull bow, stretch shot down over nine sun , and ordered the last sun to rise and fall , to benefit the people .

HOY so respected and loved by the people , Hou Yi married a beautiful and kind wife , named Chang-e . In addition to hunting for Traditional Arts HOY outside all day, and his wife together, people are envious of this Langcainvmao loving couple .

Many patriots come here Toushi Arts , evil intents Peng Meng also mixed in.

One day, Hou Yi to the Kunlun Mountains and friends seeking Road , met the Queen Mother after this , they would seek a pack elixir Queen Mother . It is said that the dose of this medicine, can instantly heaven immortal. However, Hou Yi could not bear to leave his wife , had to temporarily put the elixir to Chang E collection. Chang E hid the treasure box at her dressing table , only to be seen by Peng Meng , he wanted to steal the elixir himself immortal.

Three days later, Hou Yi led his disciples to go hunting , Peng Meng dismal faked illness , stayed. HOY rate to be all gone soon , Peng Meng, sword in hand, into the inner chamber backyard , coercion Chang E to hand over the elixir . Chang E to know that they are not to defeat Peng Meng , critical decisive when she turned round to open treasure box , took up the elixir and swallowed one . Chang E swallowed the medicine , the body floated off the ground , out of the window and flew towards heaven . As Chang E worried about her husband , just fly to the moon from the earth into the nearest cent .

Evening, Hou Yi returned home , crying ladies happened during the day . Yi both frightened and angry, sword out going to kill the villain , Peng Meng escaped earlier , Hou Yi angry wringing , distraught , looking up at the night sky calling the name of his beloved wife , when he was surprised to find that the moon was especially glowing , and there was a swaying shadow resembles the Chang-e . He tried to chase the moon , but he chase steps, moon retreated , he withdrew, the moon into three steps , no matter how it fail to recover in front .

Hou Yi then miss his wife , had sent to Chang E loved the back garden , put the incense table , put her usual honey favorite fresh fruit , Yaoji the moon in love of his own Chang-e . People have heard about the news of the Moon immortal , have furnished the incense table in the moon , Chang E to pray for good fortune and peace .

Since then, the Mid-Autumn Festival worship spread in the folk customs .


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